Angry Birds The Golden Eggs

The App for the Game.

Angry Birds:The Golden Eggs is the Fifth Installment in the Series.


  1. The Golden Nest
  2. The Golden Tree
  3. The Golden Forest
  4. The Golden Skies
  5. The Golden Planet
  6. The Golden Dimension
  7. The Golden Eggs
  8. D106


  • Red Bird-It has no speacial power.
  • Blue Bird-Multiplies into Three Blue Birds.
  • Yellow Bird-Speeds Up.
  • Black Bird-Explodes,even after hitting a pig.
  • White Bird-Drops an Egg,then speeds away.
  • Boomerang Bird-Comes back like a Boomerang.
  • Big Brother Bird-Like Red Bird,but bigger.
  • Orange Bird-Inflates/Grows up to the Size of a Wrecking Ball.
  • Metal Bird-Has an Electric Beam coming out of his beam (It is aimed).
  • Gold Bird-Makes a big flash on the screen,and destroys all the pigs on the screen but one.
  • Glasses Bird-Goes to target area until he hits a block or pig.
  • Sailor Bird-a combination of Glasses Birds and Yellow Birds abilities.


  • Normal Pig
  • Mini Pig
  • Large Pig
  • Fat Pig
  • Helment Pig
  • Mustach Pig
  • King Pig
  • Queen Pig.
  • Pig of Q